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Josh Gaines

Josh Gaines


Growing up Joshua Gaines always had an entrepreneurial attitude and an even stronger work ethic that he learned from both of his parents at an early age. About the time he was completing college he began to see the various opportunities of the commercial real estate business and quickly grew to love it. Since the late summer of 2004, Josh has actively been involved in the commercial and industrial real estate business. Whether as a salesman, operating his own firm, or as an investor he has consistently worked to achieve success.

He has helped countless different Buyers, Sellers, Landlords, and Tenants sell, purchase, or lease the right location for their specific business. He’s even negotiated surface and use agreements on behalf of one of the largest pipeline companies in the United States.

Whether you are an equipment rental company, a refinery service company, a multi-tenant office building owner, a high net worth investor looking for the next great investment property, or anything in between; your business is important to Josh and you can be as satisfied as his previous clients.

"My experiences have helped me better understand and service my customer ... I think I found a connection to the Industrial and Farm & Ranch sectors specifically based on that. I've actually driven tractors, forklifts, loaders & 18 wheelers. I've cut grain, chopped cotton, and worked cows; I've hung sheetrock in high rises, poured concrete, and welded to pay tuition ... I've even scrubbed toilets and cut other people's grass; overall I think people appreciate that. I can better understand the needs and real estate requirements of their business because I've actually done some of the same things they currently do."

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Our effective marketing area includes South Texas with the concentration of our activities throughout Corpus Christi and surrounding areas.